WAXIT Table Bay Review – Bringing Smooth To Cape Town


Welcome to WAXIT – a wax bar dedicated solely to smooth skin. It’s a refuge of removal, a haven of hairlessness, a sanctuary of smooth.


Looking for the ultimate wax bar in Cape Town? Well, I went and tested out the new WAXIT Table Bay store, which offers a variety of treatments, and I can confidently say that my experience was a dream one.

WAXIT’s “promise” is laid out as; availability, quality, cost, hygiene, and privacy. Let’s just say, they stick to their word. I would go one step further and also add: great customer service! The team at the Cape Town branch are just the nicest people. They make you feel super comfortable while getting waxed and pampered.

While I am not a person who waxes regularly and is a baby when it comes to pain, this experience has definitely opened my eyes and left me wanting more!

I had three treatments at the Table Bay flagship store: an eyebrow wax and tint, a lip wax, an underarm wax, and a “Secret of Smooth” cream applied to my arms. Here are my thoughts:


Eyebrows & Lip

I have very over-plucked (remember the 90’s and early 2000s?), and thin eyebrows, which had also overgrown recently, so I decided on the eyebrow wax and tint – and, well, I’m in love.

The lady doing my treatments was so gentle and considerate, and she took the time to get my brows into the best shape pre-tint. After the tint, we checked my brows to see if we needed to go darker, but they were perfect! Highly recommend this service if you don’t feel like doing your brows each day!

The lip wax was what I expected, but, the lady did use a technique aimed at getting into the stubborn corners of my mouth, so that was something new and appreciated!


I was very nervous about this wax as I am not one who likes pain (who does 😅), however, the first strip was done and then the next and I felt absolutely fine! I would definitely do this treatment again, as it is also less itchy – if you experience that after shaving.

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Secret of Smooth

This cream is a game-changer. I had heard about creams that remove hair, but never tried one. Well, Secret of Smooth has entered the chat! The cream is applied to any area of your body, except for the face, for 15 minutes, then wiped, and the hair is gone!

I tested this product on both arms, and they are now super smooth. Here is a bit more about the cream and its aftercare component:

“The Secret of Smooth™ is an easy, long-lasting hair removal cream by WAXIT, that comes with two gentle and effective products. The Smooth hair removal cream is carefully designed with advanced ingredients, that leaves you with hairless skin in minutes and stunts future hair growth. The Secret aftercare cream is an aloe-infused moisturiser that is applied 24-hours after the smooth hair removal process to restore and hydrate your skin and reduce inflammation. When the aftercare is used on a continual basis, it will further minimise hair growth.

Hair removal cream and aftercare that stunts hair growth – yes, please!

While this may not be for everyone, those who are keen to try it, should! I am mind-blown by the results.

Additional Products

Other products I am trying from WAXIT are the exfoliating cleanser, the triple exfoliant, the ingrown repair, and a nifty exfoliating sponge. Once I have used these for more than a week or two, I will update the review with my take on the products – so keep a look out!

My final thoughts on the new store – if you’re a seasoned waxer or want to try it out for the first time, WAXIT is the place to go!

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